Roulette tricks: 10 ways to improve your game

Knowing the tricks of online roulette and its features, you can significantly improve your game and increase the chances of winning. We have collected ten popular tips from experienced players for you, which will give you advantages during betting.
Want to know all the tricks of the roulette game? Start by learning the theory and choosing a licensed casino that guarantees the correct operation of the RNG and pays out the winnings. It is on such sites that you can check different strategies, learn how to bet and generally play the game in the long term.

The trick 1. Play roulette with one zero

This condition is explained very simply. In roulette with one zero on the wheel of 37 numbers and the payment for the guessed number-35 to 1, that is, the advantage of the casino is only 2.7%. In roulette with zero and double zero on the wheel of 38 numbers, and the payout for winning is the same-35 to 1, that is, the advantage of the casino is 5.4%.

Trick 2. Look for roulette with La partage rule

All the tricks of roulette in online casinos are to reduce the advantage of the house and increase the advantage of the player. This is what gives the presence of the rules of partage La.

If the version supports La partage games, the player will receive half of the bet made on equal chances if zero falls. This makes the advantage of the casino minimal-only 1.35%.

This rule is inherent in the French roulette. And this is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers to bet on equally probable events: red and black, even and odd.

Trick 3. Use the rule EN prison

Also in the European roulette, more precisely in its French version, the rule EN prison can be used. This translates as” in prison ” because the rate of equally probable events in the fall of zero does not go in favor of the casino, and locked, transferred to the next round.

In this case, bets made on the rule EN prison, marked with a separate marker. If you win a bet in the next round, there is no usual payment for it, but it is fully returned to the player. That is, the advantage of the casino will be the same as with The rule of La partage – 1,35%.

Trick 4. Learn the probability of winning

Experienced players very rarely bet on a single number or field. Complex compound bets with a different number of chips for different combinations are popular among professionals. And every time you make such a bet, you should know exactly what payments you get if you win.

This is quite difficult because you have to multiply in the mind of complex fractions. It is much easier to remember the probability of events of interest. This will save you time on placing complex bets.

Trick 5. Write down the moves of all

Although the random number generator generates each new event randomly and no matter what falls out earlier, it is possible to make mathematical predictions based on long winning series.

According to this rule, some varieties of roulette numbers are favorites, that is, give predictions. Nothing prevents you from analyzing your own game and looking for favorites by their own rules.

Trick 6. Experiment with the martingale method

The martingale method is mathematically ideal. And when you perform all the basic requirements during the game allows you to win slowly and confidently. But you should have an impressive amount on your account for multiple increases in the bet if you come across a long series of the same equally probable events.

Of course, it is essential to carefully choose the roulette, which allows you to increase the rate indefinitely (has no top ceiling).
If there are limits, it does not mean that the martingale method will not work. Tricks online roulette allow you to play on the system even in this case!

If there is a maximum bet ceiling, then it is enough to calculate the optimal size of the initial bet so that you can make at least ten moves. Ideally 15.

If there are restrictions on the number of identical bets, for example, 7. We’ll have to play with missing moves. You should start betting only after 3-5 identical equal-probability events have already appeared, on which you plan to bet.

And this is only the most common roulette tricks in the casino with the martingale method. You can find your way to bypass the limits. However, remember that stable wins will require you to have a good time. Do not sit down to play, if you have left only a free hour.

Trick 7. Find an approach to the aggressive method of Makarov

The Makarov method is the simplest betting system. You always bet on the same number. Winning gives you a rate increase in 35 times. Of course, there is a possibility of reverse events. Therefore, the method of Makarov it is important not where to put, and when to stop betting.

Most often it is recommended to stop when you reach the first win. That is, this roulette trick is enough for short sessions.

The system is considered aggressive because before a big win you have to go through a series of losses. It is suitable only for those who quietly wait for his finest hour.

Trick 8. Learn how to cover the maximum number with a minimum of tokens

There are many types of bets in roulette, which give different sizes of winnings. Also, there are many ways of placing the counters for maximum coverage of the field. For this parameter is good system Kavouras. It is possible to block 20 numbers with 8 chips. It is not the limit!

If you play roulette with an additional betting field, you can block 32 numbers from 37 with 5 chips.

Experienced players find their options that allow you to minimize losses if none of the covered numbers are played.

Trick 9. Determine your moment to exit

It is believed that the tricks of the game of roulette relate only to the rates: where to bet, how to bet, how to combine numbers, how to move from one bet to another… But in practice, time is a very important factor. So, for the vast majority of strategies need time.

Even more important is the optimal time to exit. As we mentioned, many regular players prefer to stop when a big win is received. At the same time, you determine its size yourself. The trick is due to the fact that there is a pause for the time of euphoria from the victory. This approach helps to avoid rash bets.

Other players, on the contrary, believe that after winning the luck bar begins. They bet until a certain amount is lost. The length of the downstream is also a purely individual matter.

Perhaps you already have your tricks of the game of roulette, allowing you to determine the optimal time to exit. If they are not, you should start with a study of existing strategies to stop betting.

Trick 10.Never take it out!

This rule is true for any casino game. And it is not related to the size of the bankroll and has purely psychological reasons. All people get upset when they get into the strip without winning. Of course, different degrees of disorder, but no one can adequately assess it at home.

Professional and players recognize that if they do not stop betting in a similar mood, they always drain the bankroll.

If you are in a similar situation, use the tricks of roulette and do not play. Better get back to the game in a few hours and place bets with a cold head.

Where to check the tricks of online roulette?

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