How come school athletes not be paid

This is the billionaire prophet Hulot, from the strange skylight, who lays an anaphoric speech

He takes himself for De Gaulle too: “the time has come for… The time has come for… ” etc… (follow a litany of commonplaces without interest) As an article in “Talker” said, the time has come for you, Hulot, to get rid of your billionaire money&
It was Pascal Bruckner, the first, a few months ago, maybe a year or two, or more (time flies, flies, flies so fast), who had, in an article that had made me burst out laughing, compared Hulot to Philippulus, the imprecating anchorite who appears in the “Mysterious Star” of the adventures of Tintin: “THIS IS THE PUNISHMENT, PENITENCE, THE END OF TIMES IS COME”… Hihi…

True, we would be wrong… To the physical, even… Hulot, the Sire a la Sad Sad…

He laid a petition, therefore, saying “the time has come”

And I no longer know if it is the same or another of the same barrel, which was signed by lots of people from the “show », Who offer us there a sad spectacle, in my opinion, with of course Juliette Binoche, etc… What leaves us puzzled, my Horse and me, but really: with this decrease which they are calling for, do they expect their business to go down with the rest? Do they think theyre going to make that much money, (not so deserved in my opinion, theyre overpaid) if the New Times they wish for comes back? Uh. Happen&? Why, instead of bashing ourselves with what others should do, are they not content to plead for, and even to establish a course of action in their branch, cinema? Declare that they are overpaid, and that from now on they are calling for a drastic reduction in their star fees… =B (what are they doing with this money, anyway? That would teach us a lot more, and it would be more interesting if they told us what they do with it, what they put it in, if they hoard it, well all that… It’s true, I would like to know… Hulot, we know more or less, but them? ).

Obviously they would like a “green” world, but one that keeps differences in fortunes…

but if a “green” and virtuous world comes back, with an inevitable decrease, less PRODUCTION OF OBJECTS, what will they do with all this money, which is mainly used to buy the best consumer goods, which they have plethora: it’s not going at all with a small decrease, hold, for example with travel: these people spend their time traveling, if only to attend events or make concerts, or shoot films, everywhere on the planet. Or maybe they think that everyone should tighten their belts, and stay in their place, EXCEPT, because they are VIPs, that is to say them on planes and palaces and we in our fairly confined places in France or elsewhere we would like them to explain to us…; or else it is magic thought, as elsewhere for a while: we want to continue to have objects of all kinds, clothes in shambles, food in abundance, spending weeks ends in resorts at 17, 000 euros a night on the other side of the world, white and virgin sand, and especially no world around, only happy few, and all kinds of advantages, servants, cars, private planes, helicopters like the King of Jordan, that we are immersed in objects until disappearing, but we are not going to say. Instead, we will say that we put the waste in the green bin and that the world, everyone, must change direction, and that African migrants, all, must be able to come and point to unemployment in Europe, in France in particular, and staying in low-cost housing on the outskirts of major cities. How would we have drivers, if not, and maids? How would the palaces have maids, if not? How would the factories turn out otherwise? How would we build the cities of the future (the projects in Dubai, grander, you’re dying, and the problem of greenhouse gases, we don’t know either in Dubai or in Beijing, I would point out& and people literally love to do tourism in the Gulf where is (was, ) the money, the beautiful golden money, the money that we all love, myself included.

La Pensee Magique is that the difference between what we say, which is very virtuous

And what we do, which we don’t really examine in detail (that’s what the mouth that counts) is not taken into account, the difference evaporates in the limbo, only good words remain… And we still have a result, obtained by Magical Thought: greenhouse gases have disappeared, the Planet is doing very well, we no longer exhaust its resources, AND AT THE SAME TIME, the super rich are doing very well, and they consume like sick people, making all the others very jealous, and their flourishing business, providing consumer goods to others is getting better and better& they are making 35 million dollars / day like Bezos, but all that is very moral (we still feel that Bezos is furious, inside him, because he can never eat more than 3 meals / day, or put on 2 suits. Written with the support of service

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